The future of x-ray imaging has arrived. mOpal is the ability to carry around a lightweight version on Opal-RAD software on your tablet or mobile device no matter where you are. Access the versatile mini Opal software from a web browser on any device. mOpal is compatible with Mac, Windows, mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Android tablets. Available as part of any x-ray system.

No app needed

Don't want to download another app and have to remember your credentials? No problem.


View the same images and patients as you would in your office.


Basic annotation tools available for simple analysis while you're on-the-go.

mOpal - patient xrays on an iPad air

Cross platform

Available on Android, Apple, Blackberry or Windows devices.


Perfect for exam room viewing or off-site consults.


User-friendly interface makes it easy to view, annotate or search patients and images.