Why purchase from us?

A better question may be, why not? For 23 years and counting we have been a reliable company for x-ray needs, radiographic needs, chiropractic needs and advice for new chiropractors and practitioners alike.

Honesty is key

We aren't salesmen over here. The guys who sell you the equipment are the guys who fix the equipment. This way, we take the time to understand your practice fully. Every practice is different so we put our time, advice, thought and work into learning about your clinic and helping you into the right equipment based on your budget, space, location and existing equipment.


About 5 years ago this would have been a totally different story. Since then, the price on x-ray equipment has vastly dropped making it afforable for every practice to have. What used to be a $100,000 direct radiography flatpanel is now available for around $30,000 - $40,000. There isn't a catch to that either. The price has dropped significantly due to digital radiography becoming the new standard for medical x-ray imaging. Other guys might be cheap, but we're still cheaper.


We sell and service, not sell and forget. Many people may not understand how important this is until something goes wrong. When something goes wrong or you have a couple questions about something, you call our office and speak to one of our technicians within a minute. There are no hold times, no waiting on a call back for hours and no nonsense. We take pride in the products we sell which is why we offer service on all of our equipment.

Even if you didn't buy your equipment from us, we will fix it. We offer service and repair on all Chiropractic tables, x-ray equipment such as tube stands, collimator bulbs, radiography tables, L-frames, wall stands and generators.

Customer Benefits

When customers buy from us, it doesn't go un-noticed! We work on a lot of neat things over here and longtime customers are the first to benfit. Pretty soon we will launch our off-site DICOM image backup to our cloud servers. Long time customers will be offered to host their images free-of-charge to test the waters on the new service for a limited time. After a trial period, selected customers will be offered the service for a discounted price for the whole year. We also greatly appeciate referrals! We like to offer benefits to customers who refer us to other chiropractors or practitioners alike. Whether that be discounts on future service or purchases, no good deed goes un-rewarded.