Podiatry X-Ray Solutions

Our digital x-ray equipment started in Podiatry when the equipment was at its infancy stage. Today, our Podiatry units are our most versed equipment. We have many solutions available including retro-fit upgrades, which can be mounted and used with a current podiatry unit, or two full x-ray units available with a single panel configuration, or our newest model configured with dual panels.
Chiropractic Straight Arm X-Ray Unit

715A-BD Bi-Directional Base

The perfect solution for any existing Podiatry unit. Keep your existing tube and X-Cel generator and easily combine them to ensure your practice is receiving the best equipment on the market for the lowest price.

  • Compatible with CCD detector
  • Bi-Lateral view positioning
  • Versatile sensor positioning
  • 3.5in. low base, qualifies for ADA tax credit
Chiropractic Straight Arm X-Ray Unit


Easiest solution to retro-fit equipment available. Fits into any unit manufactured later than 2000. Keep everything but the base and panel and it easily fits into the base and the system is ready to go.

  • Compatible with CCD detector
  • Compatible with any existing Wall-Mount or Universal X-Ray Unit currently existing
Chiropractic Straight Arm X-Ray Unit

SF 715A-BD Bi-Directional X-RAY Standard Frequency

Full X-Ray unit includes your choice of digital panel, 1TB Mini-PACS DICOM storage server equipped with acquire station, Opal-RAD podiatry specific software and tools for the best experience in podatry radiography.


  • 1/2 radiation dose, twice as efficient 0.5mm Focal Spot extends x-ray tube life
  • 3.5in. low base, qualifies for ADA tax credit
  • Tilt Head System for AP/DP view
  • Patient support rail system allows access from side or front


  • 29” SID AP/Oblique view
  • 36” SID Lateral view
  • “HF” series proprietary tube
  • Low voltage exposure switch


  • 5 years mechanical
  • 3 years tube & electrical
  • 1 year parts and labor provided by Great Lakes Imaging