Direct Radiography

Wireless Gadolinium Oxysulfide Retro-fit bucky installation

DR Panels and PACS

Direct Radiography is now the preferred method and technology of shooting x-ray images. When upgrading to DR, capture your images hassle-free. Digital detector panels replace your cassettes and take up far less space than computed radiology equipment. Shoot directly onto the panel and watch as your image appears directly onto the screen within 10-12 seconds. Digital panels automatically release all the energy that was just shot onto the panel which speeds up your workflow up to 5x when compared to CR.

All that is necessary when purchasing a digital detector is the panel itself, a retro-fit bucky if purchasing a fixed wired panel and a top-of-the-line Opal-RAD PACS server to store all of your images. Your monitor is mounted directly to the wall and shelves are installed for your computer tower, keyboard and mouse for easy accessibility. Keep your x-ray generator, tube stand and wall stand exactly where it is. Whether you have a flat-faced wall stand or a traditional wall bucky, we have a DR solution for you.
Unlike CR, direct radiography equipment is far less problematic. The only maintenance required is yearly calibrations to ensure the panel is capturing images exactly how it should. Calibrations only take less than an hour and promise high quality images every time.
All Systems sold by Great Lakes Imaging come with a standard 1 year parts and labor warranty. Depending on the panel purchased, receive a 3 or 5 year warranty with service contracts available by Great Lakes Imaging upon request.