Computed Radiography

AGFA CR Opened up for service

CR Scanners and Machines

At Great Lakes Imaging, we provide a full service repair for your equipment. Computed radiography equipment is bound to have issues due to many moving parts within the machine. We have spent many years in the business, since the equipment was in its infancy. We have sold, and still service CR machines in chiropractic, veterinary clinics and urgent care facilities alike. Even if you did not purchase equipment from us, we will still repair it mechanically.

We have been servicing many types of computed radiography scanners, such as Kodak, AGFA, 3Disc Flash/Fire, Carestream and scanners alike. A typical service includes testing the system, full before-and-after diagnostic report, cost-friendly approach to troubleshooting, replacement parts, preventative maintenance and follow-ups regarding past services.
CR scanners are prone to common problems due to many moving parts inside of the machine. Common CR issues can include thin lines on the image (artifacts), cassettes catching or sticking into the scanner drawer, grainy images, overlapping images, loud unusual noises and at worse case, complete system failure.
All systems sold by Great Lakes Imaging include a one year parts and labor warranty, no matter the part that can and may fail. We can offer service contracts upon request.