Chiropractic Adjusting Tables

Custom made Chiropractic Adjusting Table for the Detroit Red Wings

Adjusting Table Service & Repair

Those who may not know, Great Lakes Imaging started as a company selling, repairing, upgrading and maintaining chiropractic tables dating back to the early 1990s. We know a thing or two about how important the right table, and a working table is to a doctor. As a proud vendor of over 200+ tables within just one of our warehouses, the right table is waiting for you and your patients. We carry tables of all major manufacturers and styles such as elevation, flexion, hylo, tilting tables, and even radiography tables both new or refurnished.

When we recondition our tables, we will fully strip them down and rebuild them to your custom specifications. We replace or upgrade the mechanics, electrical and hydraulics with brand new upholstery if necessary to ensure the longevity of your table at a fraction of the cost of a new table.
Great Lakes Imaging has been in the Chiropractic industry for over 20 years with experience from all manufacturers and models. We have a warehouse dedicated to carrying reconditioned tables of all styles such as adjusting, decompression, intersegmental rolling tables and portable benches. We have experts that understand the practice and will know exactly what you will need if you need any assistance.
Warranties vary among reconditioned tables. Talk to our experts about specific details regarding parts and labor.