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Our Short Story

What started off as a company solely selling chiropractic tables in 1992, we grew partnerships along the way to the digital x-ray industry while the technology was at its infancy. Since then, we have adopted many other services to suit all your clinical needs; such as installing led for your x-ray room, running data lines through your office, and integrating your EMR records within our x-ray software.

As a proud vendor of tables, clinical supplies & x-ray equipment, we have had more than enough time to factory train each and every one of our employees on all of our products. Service and support is just another reason why our clients choose us over major companies. We understand how much of an emergency it is when medical imaging software is not working. That is why it is our duty to always be available to take your call and assist you with any troubles immediately.

  • Fail-proof PACS systems
  • Lowest prices in Michigan
  • In-house IT support
  • Preferred vendor
  • Flexible schedules
  • Certified company