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We Service All of Our Products

We offer a wide variety of services here at Great Lakes Imaging. Our goal is to fully service your clinic from start to finish. We can help with led installation for a new clinic, providing all the necessary equipment for your practice from Chiropractic tables, X-Ray, clinical supplies and other accessories you may need.

X-Ray Equipment and Supplies

Sell, service, repair, move and even processor cleaning. We do it all.

Chiropractic Tables

Build, refurnish, upholstery repair, add drops & elevation.

Preventative Maintenance

PM service for PC's, CR scanners, DR panels, Chiropractic/Adjusting tables.

Flash CR Cassette calibration

Our Short Story

What started off as a company solely selling chiropractic tables in 1992, we grew partnerships along the way to the digital x-ray industry while the technology was at its infancy. Since then, we have adopted many other services to suit all your clinical needs; such as installing led for your x-ray room, running data lines through your office, and integrating your EMR records within our x-ray software.

As a proud vendor of tables, clinical supplies & x-ray equipment, we have had more than enough time to factory train each and every one of our employees on all of our products. Service and support is just another reason why our clients choose us over major companies. We understand how much of an emergency it is when medical imaging software is not working. That is why it is our duty to always be available to take your call and assist you with any troubles immediately.

  • Fail-proof PACS systems
  • Lowest prices in Michigan
  • In-house IT support
  • Preferred vendor
  • Flexible schedules
  • Certified company
Opal-Rad PACS viewer

Superior Quality

We only use the highest quality software for our clients.

The all-in-one x-ray imaging software. Full patient database, user friendly, modality worklist support, multi-modality support, multi-vendor capable and integrates with 90% of EMR record platforms.
Burn patient images to CD, import CD's from other clinics or hospitals without having to learn how their software works, compare patient studies side-by-side, set up send destinations and view patient images from any computer anywhere in the office.
What makes Opal-RAD superior than other imaging software are the diagnostic tools. With more than 25+ general diagnostic tools we have 15+ Chiropractic specific tools, and dedicated tools for NUCCA and upper cervical.






Adding products


Introducing mOpal

Take your practice to the next level by adding compatibility to your iPad, iPhone, Blackerry or Android device.

**This option is available at an additional cost**

No app needed

Don't want to download another app and have to remember your credentials? No problem.


View the same images and patients as you would in your office.


Easy-to-use diagnostic tools are still available with mOpal.

Cross Platform

Available on Android, Apple, Blackberry or Windows devices.


Perfect for exam room viewing or off-site consults.


User-friendly interface makes it easy to view, annotate or search patients and images.


Affordable Equipment

Since the years has passed since digital radiography was available, the price has substantially decreased, now making it affordable for everyone.


$18,000 - 40,000With or without PACS

  • 5 Manufacturer Brands
  • 5Chiro Specific Systems
  • 3Vet Specific Systems
  • CallFor Warranty

DR Equipment

$25,000 - 35,000Wired or Wireless Panel

  • 1TB Image Storage
  • 5Web Licenses
  • 0Cassettes
  • 3Year Warranty

Adjusting Tables

$3,000 - 12,000New or Refurnished

  • 10+Vendor Models
  • 10+Additional Features
  • 100+Satisfied Customers
  • CallFor Warranty
Panel Options

Digital Radiography Panels

Take your readings to the next level with our DR panels. We offer three different technologies inside each panel with a choice of 14x17" or 17x17". These panels can be wired into your bucky, or wireless with the freedom to shoot anywhere.

CCD Technology

Our most cost efficient DR panel. These panels are 14x17" or 10x12" and are only available with a wired connection.

Gadolinium Technology

Second most cost efficient. Panels are available in 17x17" and can be wired into a bucky or wireless.

Cesium Technology

Top of the line panel with the absolute best quality you can get. Available with 14x17" or 17x17" and are only wireless.

Tailored Bucky's

All panels are retrofitted to your existing bucky. In fact, we are the only company to retrofit bucky's in Michigan.

Single Phase

Still using a single phase generator? Don't worry, all our panels are compatible without any lost pixels.

High Frequency

Today's standard in radiology. Upgrade your diagnostics with superior quality.


Happy Customers

Opal-RAD Web Demo

**To view full features of the demo, open the link using Internet Explorer. If you are viewing this from Chrome, FireFox, Safari or Edge, you will be limited to most features.**


Username: Chiro

Pass: demodemo


Username: Pod

Pass: demodemo


Username: Hand

Pass: demodemo


Username: Vet

Pass: demodemo


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